Christine PeaseProject Coordinator, E&K Associates at Los Angeles Airport
Steve is a genuine leader with creative ideas and the vision to execute. He demonstrated team work and mentored me on how to up my game in a corporate culture. I miss working with him.

Bob BlakesleySenior Production Planner, Comtek Computer Systems, Inc., Lincoln, CA
Steve and I worked together to reduce excess inventory of Intel CPUs. Steve was creative and aggressive in pursuing opportunities to reduce this inventory internal to HP I reported the consignment inventory balances remaining along with activity for each month.

Shree Balachandran - Head-Separation Management Office, Global Support Delivery Supply Chain-Asia Pacific, HPE
It was a pleasure working with Steve during the launch of HP's first Konica-engine based Digital Copiers, where he was the Global Product Life-Cycle Manager for this Product Intro. Steve is one of the most seasoned Services professionals, with a wide variety of Imaging & Printing Support business experience. A great team lead and team player

Shanker SekarBusiness Operations Manager (SAP Super User, Central Planning), HPE, Singapore

Steve is a wonderful human being. I gained a lot of knowledge both officially and personally from him. He is an ocean of wisdom in the area of Product Life Cycle management, New Product Introduction (NPI), Sustaining, and especially End of Life. Any company in the world could hire Steve and would have high saving based on his knowledge. 

In my career Steve is one the best role models. I will apply his example for my future career/personal road map. I worked with Steve for almost 5 years. I can say with pride that we never missed our NPIs or Merger Acquisition Integrations (Synstar, CDS, etc.) in Multi Vendor Services.​​

Paul Sassenrath - Quality Engineering Manager at Hewlett-Packard, Roseville, CA
Steve is a creative supply chain professional that brings energy and passion to his business solutions. Steve has been the creative source behind several supply chain innovations at Hewlett Packard that still exist today.



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Cliff Brown - Bank of the West, San Jose, CA
Steve is a creative innovator, and a point A to point B realist. He can dream it up and then realistically, step by step get you to that lofty goal ahead of schedule and most likely under budget - nothing squandered or overly lavish. Steve has the integrity, morals, and leadership skills which are vital to success in any arena.

Aaron KarpatyHead of Sales at Jifflenow, Citrus Heights, CA
Steve is very passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced about finding solutions for product life cycle demands. I have seen him put together solutions that have saved millions and enabled billions in revenue. Steve really understands parts supply chain and product life cycle management. It has been a pleasure working with Steve over the years, he has taught us all so much.

Anthony C. Anderson - Financial Services Manager, Weekes & Assoc. Strategic Advisors, Sacramento, CA
Steve is a very skilled communicator and creative strategist, who has always been a "outside the box" thinker. I had the opportunity to work on the same Hewlett Packard team(s) with Steve. I learned so much from Steve about Supply Chain Management, vendor/supplier management and program management, within the HP consumer and commercial printer/PC electronics portfolio. 
If you are looking for someone that is professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend Steve.